About Pantera

Pantera Tire is the Tire Alliance Groupe’s New, Exclusive Brand, produced by Sentury Tire in their state of the art, fully automated, world class factories. This brand covers an extensive array of vehicle fitments on the road today with a broad range of tire sizes.  Competitively priced, Pantera offers a blend of superior performance and exceptional value.

About TAG

The Tire Alliance Groupe “TAG” was formed in 1996 by several major regional tire retailers throughout the US.  The objective of the groupe is to pool the members purchasing power and gain strength and leverage in forming tactical alliances and supply agreements with preferred vendors.

Today, TAG consists of 16 members, representing over 200 independent tire companies and more than 2,500 retail locations.  Our basic mission today continues to be one of partnership; sharing ideas, pooling our purchasing power and partnering with strategic vendors that are looking for a strong retail based group to represent their products.

The group offers programs in a variety of categories: Tires, Auto Parts, Finance, TPMS, Technology, Oil & Lubricants, Etc.  The Pantera Brand represents one such exclusive alliance and offering that we are proud to provide to the membership.