Sport A/S

All-Season Ultra High Performance Tire

You can have it all with this fuel-saving tire. Low road noise, smooth ride, wet road hydroplaning resistance and dry road handling.

Mileage Warranty - 45,000 miles*

*excludes 19 inch rim sizes and higher and 45 series and below

Quieter Ride

Optimized tread pitch width and alignment reduces road noise levels at higher speeds.

Smooth Handling

Lateral and longitudinal grooves deliver more control.

Wet Traction

Additional sipes and grooves improve hydroplaning resistance. Tread compound contains silica which helps wet traction, rolling resistance and cold weather pliability.

Dry Handling

A larger tire contact area allows grip, stability and control.

Tire Specifications

Wheel DiameterSizeLSRim WidthTread Depth (1/32'')Tread Depth (mm)Diameter (inch)Diameter (mm)Section Width (inch)Section Width (mm)Length (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)Aspect RatioMax Pressure (psi)UTQG
17205/45ZR1788W XL6.5-7.0-
17205/50ZR1793W XL5.5-6.5-
17215/45ZR1791W XL7.0-7.0-
17215/50R17P5V XL6.0-7.0-7.510.18.01687525.5647.78.9226.
17225/45ZR1794W XL7.0-7.5-
17225/50ZR1798W XL6.0-7.0-
17225/55ZR17101W XL6.0-7.0-
17235/45ZR1797W XL7.5-8.0-
18215/35ZR1884W XL7.0-7.5-
18215/40ZR1889W XL7.0-7.5-
18225/40ZR1892W XL7.5-8.0-
18225/45ZR1895W XL7.0-7.5-
18235/40ZR1897W XL8.0-8.5-
18245/40ZR1897W XL8.0-8.5-
18245/45ZR18100Y XL7.5-8.0-
18255/55ZR18109W XL7.0-8.0-
18255/55ZR18109Y XL7.0-8.0-
19235/35ZR1991W XL8.0-8.5-
19245/35ZR1997W XL8.0-8.5-
19245/45ZR1998Y XL7.5-8.0-
19255/40ZR19100W XL8.5-9.0-
20225/35ZR2093W XL7.5-8.0-
20245/30ZR2097W XL8.0-8.5-